E. Jane Albert Hubbard Lab

Developmental Genetics of Germline Proliferation in C. elegans

During the development and maintenance of tissues and organs, cells must decide whether, when, where and how much to proliferate. Improper regulation of cell proliferation or differentiation can lead to developmental defects and cancer. We focus on the control of proliferation and differentiation germline progenitor pool using C. elegans as a model. Similar control mechanisms are shared in all organisms. We are particularly interested in how signaling pathways influence germline proliferation/differentiation during the co-development of the germline and somatic gonad and establishment of the germ line stem cell pool. Our recent studies implicate the TOR, insulin receptor, and TGFß signaling pathways in these processes. We are investigating how metabolic and sensory cues interact through these signaling pathways, and how they network with direct niche-stem cell signaling to regulate germline development.